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defi home banking & MOrtgages

0% financing

That's right! Earn more on deposits than you pay to borrow, and enjoy—

  • 0% Mortgages (effective)
  • 0% Car & Student loans
  • Hardship payment pause
  • And more!


Welcome to MTHR (mother), a decentralized federation of Mortgage Treasury & Homeowner Reserve clubs. We’re a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of collective action and mutual support. At MTHR, members bank & borrow with unprecedented autonomy, security, and opportunity.

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Car & Student Loan Financing



Velocity Mortgages.

Lower payments, faster payoff.


Secured reserve.

Fully Backed Deposits.

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Our platform is built on the principles of transparency, fairness, and inclusivity. And we provide our members with access to a wide range of financial services, that include; home banking, velocity mortgage financing and servicing, personal borrowing, savings and investment products, transaction services, financial planning, and other services.

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Home Banking

Enjoy high-interest yields and borrow from yourself at 0%. No more high-interest credit cards and car loans. With fintech convenience, extreme UX, and credit-union-style customer service, personal banking will never be the same.

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Mortgage Services

Our completely novel mortgage program restores the "American Dream" and makes homeownership accessible to everyone! With fixed-interest, low-payment Velocity Mortgages, you can pay off your home in half the time, and then earn passive income!

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Transaction Services

What every Bitcoin believer has been dreaming of— decentralized daily retail transaction use with seamless point-of-purchase exchange. We offer this along with fair-value merchant services, on a network that micro-crowdfunds a network of nonprofits and provide global humanitarian aid.

Online banking.


Daily retail

transaction use


Easy to Qualify

No/Low Down Programs


Overdraft Fees


How is 0% possible?

You've heard about blockchain. And you've heard all the hype. But do you know why it's a big deal? Well, this is why.

Welcome to defi home banking, where blockchain tech eliminates the need for banks to play middleman so that we can bank ourselves, bank each other, and even bank the banks. Welcome to trickle-up economics. Welcome to affordable homeownership. Welcome to passive income that you can live on. And welcome to the future of personal finance— a future and a financial system that we can all be proud of.

Welcome to the way banking should be.

How does it work?

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What is velocity banking?

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What makes MTHR unique?

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A Community

MTHR is not your usual membership organization. While we have a global membership network and community, we also have regional clubs that operate with an intimate, community-driven focus more like an HOA or golf club than a traditional financial institution.

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A Federation

At MTHR, we're more than just a single club. We're a federation of regional and alternative clubs designed to operate autonomously and collaboratively. This decentralized approach to enterprise and operations enables us to offer unmatched autonomy and security in banking and borrowing.

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A Social Enterprise

At MTHR, we're not only committed to providing unparalleled financial services to our members, but we're also dedicated to creating positive social impact. Our micro-crowdfunding allows members to contribute directly to causes they care about and allows nonprofit organizations to focus on their mission rather than fundraising.


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As a member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in the governance of the organization and help shape our policies and practices. You'll also have access to a network of like-minded individuals who share your values and are committed to supporting one another.

Our approach to financial services is centered on community and collaboration. By pooling our resources and working together, we can achieve financial stability and security for ourselves and our families...


We invite you to join us and experience the benefits of being part of a truly decentralized financial community. Whether you're a homeowner looking for affordable financing or an investor seeking stable returns, MTHR has something for you.

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Membership presale is coming soon. Join our Presale Waitlist and be the first to know.

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Help seed MTHR and crowdfund the future of finance! Join our founder's club for unique rewards.

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Donate cash or crypto.

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Help support MTHR by visiting our online store for merch or purchasing our collectible NFT's.

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Defi is a Win for Humanity

“The Decentralization of Finance is really good for humanity. Now that we can circumvent banks, exchanges, and brokerages by using smart contracts on the blockchain… every person, every family, and every business will experience more freedom, more liberty, more opportunities, more power, more abundance, and more wealth. So DeFi is a win for humanity.”

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MTHR is part of The MTHR Project, a groundbreaking socioeconomic development initiative that aims to revolutionize personal finance by leveraging decentralized technologies and enterprise models to establish a more inclusive, transparent, and sustainable financial system.

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